Another year… and more unfinished projects

I didn’t sew as much as I intended this year. In some ways the baby being older made the whole idea of finding time to quilt seem impossible. Naptime seemed to always be in the car or better yet when I was at school and she was with someone else. Bedtimes were not relaxing for her and sewing was impossible. So I fell behind behind.
My goal is to play catch up and get rid of the back up of started but never finished projects. I hope to completely finish (top, quilted and bound) 12 quilts this year.
Some need bcks and dropped off to my local long arm quilter (three are ready for that). I have multiple small quilts and table runners that I want to learn to quilt myself. Then I have a ton of quilts that are ready to be quilted on our mini long arm. The problem is the machine hates everyone and no matter what we do it acts up.
So may everyone be as inclined as I am to finish the year off the way it began…hopeful and positive.




This is a backing for a quilt. IT is all fabric we had!


OK. That is how I am feeling! Wait I have five minutes let us get this done! I just wanted to say that I took a break because of school and now am back….

Biggest deals will be pictures… I swear tomorrow I am going to take the ten seconds and take pictures and email them to myself from the phone and post them. If it kills me. And it might..

I worked on a quilt I am making for a friend’s daughter… it is one out of a series of six. Though really three. It is the last one, then getting them quilted and bound. I am down to putting together rows and borders. I also pieced most of a back. I am very slow on that. Three long seams and it takes me days. I just do not like long seams. So that was what I am working on.

I am also crocheting like mad! I am starting to really love crochet. IT is so portable. Unfortunately my darling daughter likes to unravel my skeins. Fortunately, I learned knots in the Navy and how to remove them. That is another craft that goes far with only a small investment (sorry, not into the special yarns yet. I am still going with commercial yarns. Then I get to thinking is yarn like DMC floss and Aida fabric, where the commercial big box store is fine? In the magazines they always use the brands in stores unlike quilting magazines which only use the fabric found in nice quilt shops. Are there runs on yarn? I know there are dye lots…. Avis from Oh Sew Tempting your the crafting demi goddess do you know?

By the way, if you have not gone to Avis’s blog which I will try to link to… (if it doesn’t work just copy and paste). She is awesome. Into about a million crafts and does them all much better than I can ever imagine. So even if you are not a quilter hunt her down. She is starting a blackwork stich a long that I might try… because I have that extra time.

Pictures! I promise! Would do it now but the baby is in bed with the sewing and if I walk in there, turn on the light, and pull out the projects I may as well get her out of the crib. Because she will be calling out “Maaaa…bbbbbb” (which means mama you are here! I could use an extra nip of the boobie!) So good night!

The block that hates me…

Sometimes you realize that a specific block hates you. Well maybe not literally  but close enough. Yo may recall about a week ago i posted on miss cutting a block and needing like for inches of fabric. Well I put the same block in the other way together wrong. Since I put it flying geese, I even cut it wrong. So now i need like two inches of onefabric and for of another. Very glad I love pieced bindings!  Since I am going to have a very scrappy one for these two quilts.

  On a completely different note, I just want to share my joy at reading all your blogs. I may not post many comments but I am loving each one! I especially love the diversity of styles and skill levels. For my non quilting friends, your stories make me smile. Have a good day everyone.

Getting it done

Warning, this is typed on my phone. Therefore auto correct is active. Yeah me! Did some awesome work this week. I am definitely back on track. No pictures though. I will have to add some later. Block of the month. I have my good block done. I have the one done as fat as I can before I need the miscut pieces. I need to make a shop run. I just am not over fond of the Thursday morning girl, woman, at the shop. She is not…well…she doesn’t read as a fabric lover. Since half the point odd going its good fabric quilt gossip she its no fun. That its my current morning off so it will wait. I also cut the alternative colorway, marked the backs of half square triangles and began to put them together. The second major quilt. I will never make this quilt again. Each of the star blocks has 61 different pieces of fabric. Including eight flying geese. Did I mention i have to make 24 of these? I think that says everything. I have finished five.

Getting back to it.


Well this weekend I finally got back to crafts. I finished the hat little miss is wearing! It its crochet, and I think it came out pretty nice. I have this fabulous book to learn to crochet that I received as a Christmas present. Add to learn the techniques you create projects. I did learn though that if you don’t check gauge you end up with the wrong size. This finished smaller than I intended. I also quilted. Today I worked on the quilt for my sister. It is going along. I have to make like 24 blocks for the setting corners, and the blocks have a ton of pieces. So it is slow. Yesterday was catch up on block of the month. The worst weekends of the last two months have been the second weekends of the months, so I have not gone to the class. Instead, I have just picked up the blocks. I cut one and need to get about four inches square of a fabric. That its so not cool. I also cut another and began to put it together. More importantly, I picked out two new patterns. One is a baby for my brother and his wife. I am going to wait to see if they ate having boy or girl or multiples. They have a set of twins already and are freaked that it will happen again. The pattern is modern and can easily be backed with a baby print. The other is for my dad. The quilt on his bed was a gift for my mom. Therefore a new one would be appreciated. My big plan…pick colors. Out of what is in the stash….

No mojo

I need to quilt. It centers me. It allows for thirty minutes where my greatest concern is not to have to rip. In those times I see completion. I have a plan. I even recently lessened to crochet so that before bed when I can’t use the machine I have relaxation.
  Yet, recently, life is been too much my quilting mojo is gone. First it was finding time in a busier schedule. Then my aunt was sick and I was forced to hover. She suffered with mental confusion, so bad, I hid all the rotary cutters in the house. ( I was terrified she would try to cut in the middle if the night and cut herself and bleed to death. She did sleep fabric move, it was everywhere.) The baby got very sick and didn’t want to be put down at all. Then the bottom feel out. My mother died.
  Since then the spirit is gone. Projects sit uncompleted. I even went to the fabric store and couldn’t find a single piece.
  I need to quilt. It centers me. How do I get back there? I think right now I just need to do it. Even it is only five minutes at a time. It is not like I won’t find something to do.

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